Thursday, March 24, 2011

Poky Growing Up

 It's been nearly a year since I've posted on my blog. Since I left off with our new puppy, I will start off with Poky. She celebrated her first birthday March 18th. It's been a "puppy year". I think we forgot how much energy a puppy can exert and their ability to destroy anything they can get their teeth on.  Fortunately she has outgrown most of that. Poky is already on a about 5 lbs over weight.  She loves to go in the car with us, goes on a walk everyday, and likes to be in the same room whereever we are and she crowds us in bed.

Poky and her friend "Little One".  They often chase each other.
We took Poky to Obedience School. Here's Larry
learning obedience !!!  Haha

Poky loves Katie and the feeling is mutual.
We are thankful that Poky loves kids.

Whenever Katie would watch tv on the couch, Poky would
be right there with her.

Naughty Dog

Poky's Graduation Certificate
 She learned quickly and enjoyed being with the other dogs. 
She has learned several tricks, among them , sits up on command,
jumps through a hoop, shakes hands

Monday, May 17, 2010


We are so excited over our new puppy, a Jack Russell
We rescued her from a shelter. She's 9 week old and is
so sweet. We knew instantly when we saw her that she
was "the one" and she picked us too.

We haven't named her yet, except that Dad/Larry keeps calling
her "Pokey" like the story "Pokey Little Puppy".

So far the suggestions
from family and friends are: Addy, Tera, Lucky, Kiwi, Daisy,
Lottie, Jackie. What do you think is a good name? I'll be
posting her name soon, so keep checking my blog

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


It's hard to believe we've been home for two weeks already.  Son Steve says that I'm still in Chicago according to my blog, so I thought I'd better post that we arrived home safe and sound April 28th.  The night before we stopped overnight at Sue and Chris, then came on home the next day. 

Sammy getting ready for the day
Good bye Gma and Gpa, see you in a couple of weeks.
Mackenzie ready for school

Katie eating her breakfast before we left

Monday, April 26, 2010


Hey Robin and Kim, I finally found an IKEA to go to. We hadn't planned on going near Chicago, but Larry changed our route so I we'd go near an IKEA.

I had a blast looking at all the designer rooms and all the gadgets. I didn't buy a lot, only spent about $30.00 but did get some great ideas. I'd love to have my office ( and Larry's) in the cabin dont over in IKEA. Steve could design it for us. He's good at that.

Larry took several pictures of me as I was checking things out. I'm only going to include one.

After shopping at IKEA we found an RV park just over into Indiana. In the morning as we were leaving we found these neat looking towers. .
On our way Sunday morning (just 30 miles) to Shipshewana, Indiana, where Larry wants to go to the Hudson Museum there Monday morning we'll shop there in the Amish stores, head East in the afternoon, hopefully getting close to the Pennsylvania border. Then Tuesday morning "Heading for the barn". May stop to Sue's if we are in need of an over night break. We're taking route 20 home.

Friday, April 23, 2010


.....rolling hills, neat farms, huge fields ready to be planted, windmills, green meadows, cattle grazing, dirt roads and windy.

Here is a rest area I thought was unusual. IOWA is in huge calligraphy letters on the building and this humongous pen nib.

It rained all day, so picture isn't very clear, but you can see some farm buildings in the background.

One of thousands of fields ready for planting.

Crossing the Mississippi in Iowa

One of the nicest campsites we've stayed in, reminded me more of NY. It was a state park, beautiful little lake with some geese swimming around. Electricity and water and nice showers provided and for only $11. a night. We picked our site and left the money in an envelope.

On to Illinois today.

Pioneer Village Con't

This post is a continuation of the previous post. Be sure and look at that one first. This first picture is a 1939 motor home. Looks like real siding, with brick look alike around the bottom. The inside was very roomy, had a kitchen, bedrooms and living area. It looked very clutsey though.

Thought of the Canary's when I took this picture. There were twice this many.

These pictures are for Shari. Larry/Dad said....these remind me of Shari's toy and games , Shari should see this.

I talked to Shari on FB and she said she knows of the game. It's an English Pub game. She also said she should make one.

Pony Express Log Cabin. There was a bed in it, stove, table, dishes and one of Buffalo Bill's saddles. It's an authentic relay station that was moved to the museum.

I thought the corners/log ends were unique. Very roughly hewn and pointed

This was in one of the handout papers in the museum. I loved it. Read it, you'll enjoy it. (You can click on it to make it larger)

One of the displays was about the many different ways of weather forcasting.

PIONEER VILLAGE, Minden, Nebraska

AMAZING MUSEUM The brochure states:

" The Story of America and How it Grew More than 50,000 items from every Field of Human Endeavor. 28 buildings on 20 acres..Authentic Originals arranged in their order of Development..All Mechanical Items in Operating Condition."

This is the most amazing museum we've ever seen. It literally didn't leave anything out. Farm machinery, a country church, 350 antique autos, bicycles, covered wagons, thousands of collections of every item you can think of. We kept saying "this is amazing"

The oldest cars and numerous air planes were over head.

Several steroscopes of 3 D pictures of pictures depicting the old west, old cars, etc

This was in the Bloomington Land Office. It was moved to the museum. It actually served pioneers filling theri homestead clains. It contains early maps, and old land records. Read this old Homestead Act of 1862 which was posted on the wall.

There were a number of large buildings containing the collections, but in the center was a circular area with the church, log cabin, school house, China house, Firehouse, general store, small fortress, all around a large grassy area with picnic table, flowers and flowering trees such as this magnolia tree.

The display of old records and recording machines. There were two long rows of them.

One area had room after room showing old stores and businesses. Here's part of the drugstore.

You wouldn't think there'd be antique computers in a musuem but some of them are history. Larry saw some of the first card machines that he worked with in the late 50's with the 330th DPU, his army data processing unit, like the key punch, sorter, collator, and accounting machine, and a System 35 he helped convert to the System 38 in IBM in the mid 70s.

There was a 34 and 35 Terraplane, a couple of Essex, a 24 and a 25 Hudson and a 49 Hudson Super Six, as well as Brushes, Moons, Packards, Stars, Cords etc. LPC

To be continued......